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Health and Wellness

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Logos, merchandise and more. Anyone can create nice graphics. We think it’s better to create memorable ones.


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About me

I’m a man over 50 who has wholeheartedly embraced the transformations that accompany this age. With a diverse professional background spanning military service, corporate healthcare, publishing, and sports media, I’ve also ventured into entrepreneurship, persistently striving to be a one-man enterprise despite occasional setbacks.

Through this blog, my goal is to support fellow Gen X men in navigating this new stage of life, unlocking our full potential by exploring fresh career paths or business ventures. Additionally, I aspire to offer valuable insights on living a healthier lifestyle and embarking on thrilling travels to new destinations.

By providing relevant information and guidance, my mission is to help all of us embrace midlife with renewed purpose and enthusiasm. Together, let’s seize the changes and make the most of this transformative period.

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Unlock Your Full Potential: Embrace Change, Discover Purpose